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“Volunteer” registration form for the 6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty from June 21 to 23, 2016 at the Oslo Opera House and across the city. Volunteers will be given a fixed allowance for one meal per day of presence on the Congress, and a T-shirt in the colours of the Congress. During their assignment, their schedule will allow them to attend various debates.

Accommodation and transport are not covered by ECPM.

Volunteer registration form
Please give a summary of your resume, stating your level of education and field of study, or when appropriate, your profession

When are you available?

You must sign up for at least two 5-hour time slots

I wish to volunteer for the 6th World Congress Against the Death Penalty, organised by ECPM (Together Against the Death Penalty), and will inform ECPM as soon as possible if I am unable to attend.