5th World Congress against the Death Penalty

Together Against the Death Penalty (ECPM)



- The 5th World Congress against the death penalty will take place at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid (Metro 8 : Campo de las naciones) from 12 to 15 June 2013.

- Two plenary sessions, eleven round tables and eight workshops will take place over two days of debates. More information on the debates programme here.

Final declaration for the 5th World Congress Against the Death Penalty

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Death penalty overview

To this day, 97 countries have abolished the death penalty in all circumstances. Eight others only abolished it for common crimes, whereas 35 countries have implemented a moratorium on executions for at least 10 years. In 2013, there are still approximately 58 countries or territories in where the death penalty is still applied.

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The Rabat Regional Congress took place in the Kingdom of Morocco’s National Library from the 18 to 20 October 2012. Over 500 participants took part in the two days of debates.

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